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About Us

We carry health and technology in our hearts

Who we are

Medial Engineering Technology Nicaragua

We are a team of passionate experts dedicated to developing medical-engineering products and services to solve medical or therapeutic problems for individuals and institutions, thereby enhancing the efficiency of healthcare services.

We research new diagnostic and therapeutic methods based on technology and medicine to provide better care for ailments, improving disease prevention and its complications.

We enhance medical solutions that involve technology as their innovative fundamental base to prevalent issues requiring a swift, more effective, and higher-resolution solution, tailored to new global implementations concerning virtualization, integration, and artificial intelligence.


To create, innovate, and develop medical devices to address health issues from both administrative and patient care perspectives.


To be a leading company in medical technology worldwide, responsible for the promotion, prevention, damage care, and health rehabilitation through our innovative products and services.

Our History


The biotechnology of MedETechNi demonstrates our commitment to humanitarian health. Our products are recognized nationally and internationally for their effectiveness and medical and scientific innovation.